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Tekken Tag 2: Devil Jin

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Tekken Tag 2 Devil Jin
Today I've got a great tutorial concerning one of the top tier characters in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Devil Jin. (You can check out the video courtesy of LevelUpYourGame at the end of this post.) Devil Jin is the evil transformation of Jin Kazama who was of course infected with the Devil gene in an earlier version of Tekken.

As a result of this, Devil Jin is obsessed with power and this really shows in Devil Jin's exceptional combo ability. At first these combos may be a little difficult to pull off, but with practice and patience you get the hang of it. After that, the sky is the limit really with Devil Jin, especially due to the fact that his combos have great wall carry along with massive damage output.

In terms of his ranking versus the other Mishima characters, he definitely has the best overall game. Along with combo potential, his poking and punishment is quite good. He has the mighty electric wind god fist and his laser is great in certain situations. Also, unlike Kazuya, he does not have to transform to use the laser moves.

He also possesses wonderful low moves that are both hard to punish and have great crushing properties. His db+2 is the best example of this. Compare this to Heihachi, who does not possess low moves with these properties and Devil Jin's superiority in this regard becomes apparent.

In conclusion I would say that if you're looking for a complete player to use in Tekken Tag 2, then Devil Jin is the character to use. Yes, you would have to practice for a while upfront, but it is well worth it in the end. So, as promised, check out the tutorial below and sound off in the comments section below with regards to your best Tekken Tag 2 character.

*Image Courtesy FXMislang

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