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Ouya Console Review

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Ouya Console

A new console is set to hit the market in June this year. The developers are a company known as Ouya. Ouya's CEO Julie Uhrman is promising a revolutionary console that she hopes will take the market by storm. Initially a kickstarter project, Ouya is now set to retail in stores like Amazon, Best Buy and Target. It comes with a $99 price tag and runs on the Android OS. So, what is it that has some people excited about its launch?
 First off, let's start with the obvious, its sleek design. Has there ever been any console that looked this good? The Ouya console was designed by the creator of the Jawbone headset, Yves Behar. In addition to its looks, there are some revolutionary aspects about the Ouya. Firstly, it is expected that the hardware on the Ouya will be significantly upgraded each year. At its launch, it will be utilizing the Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset which isn't too shabby. However, as we know in the world of technology, things get outdated pretty fast so the yearly upgrades could well be a very good idea.
Ouya promises to allow game developers free reign when it comes to producing titles for the console. Their only requirement is that developers use Ouya's Open Development Kit and that some of the game content be packaged in to a free demo. This obviously has got developers very excited as even those with little to no experience developing games have a chance to upload their games on to Ouya's digital marketplace. This will no doubt encourage many people to try their hands at game development without having to worry about having a AAA rating(or any rating for that matter). This does however beg the question of quality controls. Uhrman says that Ouya will monitor game quality by analyzing certain engagement metrics. How well would this work in the long run? Only time will tell.
So, as June fast approaches there are many who are waiting with great anticipation for the Ouya console. No one knows for sure how well it will do, but with approximately 63,000 financial backers it has already made quite a start.
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