Sunday, 17 February 2013

Microsoft's Surface Pro- Bang or Bust?

The latest to come off the technological conveyor belt  is Microsoft's Surface Pro. It is Microsoft's attempt to give consumers a laptop with some of the form of a tablet. Great idea, no doubt, but does it live up to expectations?
Surface Pro- Stunning Resolution

Right away one thing about the Surface strikes me as pretty impressive: a compact tablet form device offering the consumer the capabilities of a Windows 8 PC. This is certainly groundbreaking and could very well be the main factor for the high consumer demand for the Surface Pro right now. Not only can you run the traditional software but you can also install third party apps. Such power in such a small package, so far so good. The Surface runs using a dual core intel i5 core processor and 4GB of RAM. Already, it surges ahead of its predecessor, the Surface RT.
Additionally, it utilizes two USB 3.0 ports for data transfer. The screen resolution of the Surface Pro is great at 1920*1080 pixels, true HD. The Surface RT also had issues with freezing and lagging, something that has so far been noticeably absent(for the most part) with the Surface Pro. Microsoft's engineers also incorporated a slit all around the edge of the Surface to help with ventilation(The Surface Pro uses two cooling fans). I must say that for such a powerful machine, it runs pretty cool.
Beauty and Functionality

One major downside of the Surface has got to be battery life. It seems like the battery can last up to around four hours, half the time of the original RT. Additionally, the Surface Pro is thicker and heavier than the RT by about a factor of 33 percent. This is a bit disappointing.
So far I would say that the Surface Pro does a good job of delivering on Microsoft's promise of a powerful tablet, but more testing would have to be done. Stay tuned for more on the Surface Pro and don't forget to leave a comment below and tell me what you think about it.
Finally, if you're thinking about buying it, check it out  here