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Forza 5 Gameplay Video

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forza 5

At the recently concluded E3, we got a  look at the gameplay for the Xbox One launch title, Forza 5. The makers of this game, Turn 10 studios, have set out to create an awesome and engaging racing title and so far it looks very impressive.
One of the first things you notice is the paint detail on the cars. This is in fact an upgrade from previous versions in that the paint is made up of a base coat, metal flake and a clear coat. Any imperfections on the car's surface are also noticeable as well as changes from the paint to the carbon fiber components. Details such as the rims and tires are also very clearly shown. Another striking aspect is that when you've chosen the cockpit view while racing, the details on the dashboard and windscreen are quite life like. You can see the reflection of the dashboard on the windscreen and as you race past different areas this reflection also changes.
Possibly the most eye popping component of the game might be the views along the racing tracks. Details such as trees and crowds are beautifully represented along with the panoramic views of the surrounding city. The tracks themselves have details such as tire marks, oil stains and marbles.
In terms of the cars Forza 5 has a great variety. Not only do they have cars like the McLaren MP-1 or the Pagani Huayra, but also a lot of lower level cars that are favorites of many car enthusiasts worldwide. In addition to this, open wheel racing is also set to make its debut on the franchise which has excited quite a few of the Forza fans.
One of the most innovative aspects of Forza 5 is the use of the cloud to create what is known as your Drivatar. The game monitors your driving habits and then creates an online persona which drives just as you would without any involvement on your part. This allows you to earn money which can then be used to purchase more cars. This is really next gen stuff.
In conclusion, I would say that this game truly is setting the bar high for next gen racing games. The graphics and the use of  cloud processing really stand out to me as I review this game. As the clock winds down to November 30, more aspects of Forza Motorsport 5 are expected to be released. For now though, enjoy the gameplay video below courtesy of MotoGamesTV.

*Image Courtesy tarciltarcil

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