Saturday, 24 August 2013

Google glass update XE8

By on 2:13 am


The google glass developers have just rolled out another update for the glass. Owners of Google Glass can now use new voice commands as well enjoy new Google Now cards.

Two completely new voice commands have been added to the system. First, there's "Post an update" and there's also "Take a note". Developers have stated that the take a note command will work in conjunction with Evernote. As an Evernote fan myself, this sounds like good news.

New commands have also been added to allow users the option of handsfree navigation and the addition of hashtags also. In addition to this, a new video player has been added to the system that requires a tap to start and pause as well as a swipe motion to fastforward or rewind.

These updates that come out each month are in fact quite important and not just the usual minor bug fixes. This is good and also quite necessary if Google wants Glass to be user friendly and accepted into the main stream tech world sooner rather than later.

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