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Garmin Nuvi Portable Vehicle GPS Review(3597LMTHD)

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3597 LMTHD

Garmin have released their 2013 range of vehicle navigation products a few months now. Included in this was the Garmin Nuvi 3597 LMTHD, which is their premium vehicle navigation offering. Since there are quite a few GPS navigation products on the market currently, let's take a closer look at this Garmin offering and see if it can stand out from the crowd.

Let's start off with the screen. It comes with a 5 inch capacitive screen with a resolution of 800*480 pixels. This translates into a crisp and clear output that strikes one as very impressive especially if you've owned previous Garmin models. There is one drawback here though and it comes in the form of reflections when viewing the screen. The unit itself is made of aluminium and this gives it a solid feel while still allowing it to be lightweight. The on/off switch is located on the back of the unit instead of at the top in previous models. In addition to this, the windshield mount is magnetic so all you have to do is place the unit near the mount and it just snaps into place. The unit also comes with 8GB of memory and an expandable SD card slot should you require more storage space.

The user interface has also been upgraded by Garmin which gives it a more modern look. The 3597 LMTHD comes with updated maps with future updates free for the life of the product. Many interesting places are preloaded into the device which makes it easier when searching for a well known spot. Of course, some consumers have reported issues such as incorrect or out of date directions, so the map system certainly isn't perfect.

The 3597 also uses a feature Garmin calls Garmin Real Directions. Basically, instead of the usual street names that you get from a navigation system, this unit can reference actual places of interest to guide you along the way. This is actually quite a nice feature and one which I think a lot of people will use. It is important to note that since the landscape around us is constantly changing, the unit might reference something that is no longer there.

This model also responds to your voice. All you have to do is simply say the words Voice Command, and the unit then waits for your instruction. This feature works pretty well but I think some more work needs to go into this system as it doesn't always respond. Along with voice activated response, the unit can give directions by using a generated voice. The voice itself does sound more natural than some others I have heard in the past and it is safer to listen to directions rather than having to read them out.

Let's move on to what Garmin have termed HD Digital Traffic. This is just a fancy name for the traffic estimator software that comes with the device. It receives updated traffic information twice per minute and guides you to find the quickest route to your required destination. This feature also has the voice capabilities detailed above which is a nice touch.

Overall, the Garmin 3597 LMTHD is a great device for those looking to buy a vehicle navigation system. The voice command and real direction systems stand out for me as great features. When you factor in the free lifetime map updates you get a great package. For more info on the Garmin 3597, click here.
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