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Cool Tricks to Extend Battery Life on the S4

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Galaxy S4

For those of us that have the awesome Samsung Galaxy S4, a major question is how to extend its battery life. The S4 comes with a removable 2600mAh battery which does work very well in most cases. However, for the power users among us, more capacity may be required. Let's take a look at the options we have below.

Firstly, there are some general guidelines to use when trying to extend your battery life. The S4 comes with an option to go into power saving mode. Obviously, this could be the first thing you do and for some it's all that is required. In this mode the screen brightness is reduced and the colours will change among other things. Considering that the Super AMOLED screen is the major battery life hog on this phone, using power saving mode will definitely improve your battery's performance.

In addition to power saving mode, disabling some of the flashier features on this phone can go a long way in improving battery performance. Some of these extras are things like Air Gesture, GPS and Sync. In order to do this, swipe down from the top and tap the upper right hand corner. All the features will come up on the screen and you can then disable the ones you want to.

There is also the option of purchasing an extended battery. These are batteries made by various manufacturers for the S4 specifically. These batteries are usually larger than the original and often you may have to use the case provided by the company for the battery to fit properly. This should not be a surprise as extended batteries offer increased capacity and consequently will be larger in size.

A good example of an extended battery is ZeroLemon's offering for the Galaxy S4. It comes in at a whopping 7500mAh which is approximately three times the original value. So far this is rated as the largest extended battery on the market and users have noted that even with heavy usage the S4  is still funtional for days on end. These extended batteries tend to come with full warranties and are usually available for many different carriers both locally and internationally.

Okay guys, that's about it for this post. I know that there are many more tips to extend the S4's battery life, so please feel free to include them in the comments section below.

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