Sunday, 12 May 2013

HTC One Battery Removal

By on 8:25 pm

HTC HTC's flagship smartphone for 2013, the HTC One, is a magnificent piece of technology. However, as with anything else, there were a few drawbacks, a major one being the inability to remove the battery. Even though the battery life on the HTC One is quite good, there are those who will need that extra power. For those of you that do, this tutorial is for you. Check out the video below from etradesupply showing a full teardown of the HTC One (You shouldn't really try this if you're not a professional!).

Alternatively, you could get the battery replacement text version courtesy of iFixit from the link below, showing you how to remove the battery on the HTC One. One word of caution though, this process was quite arduous and permanent damage to the HTC One's aluminum body looks like being unavoidable, so attempt this at your own risk. HTC definitely didn't make this phone with repairability in mind, that's for sure.

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