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E3 First Day Full Wrap Up

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Tom Clancy's The Division
The first day of E3 is over and quite a few big announcements were made. First off, let's get straight to the point, the Playstation 4. Sony made their big announcement of the PS4, which is supposed to be released later this year, and with it took shots at Microsoft's Xbox One. The PS4 design looks a bit similar to the PS2 and in all honesty isn't anything overly special. What the Sony execs did do however was to reveal that there will be no restrictions on selling and renting of games, as well as to say that unlike the Xbox One, a daily internet connection will not be necessary. On top of that the PS4 will come in at a retail price of $399, severely undercutting Microsoft's price of $499. This news will be very much welcomed by many gamers and it seems that Sony have definitely won this round of the console battle. Microsoft's strict policies as regarding games may need to be reviewed and reshaped as we go further into round two.
In the games department Sony revealed that games such as The Order: 1886, DriveClub and Killzone: Shadowfall will be launch titles for the PS4. It seems that some of the bigger game titles will be released 2014.
Playstation 4

Microsoft's conference was filled with more details of the games it plans to offer consumers by first showing a trailer for Metal Gear Solid V. Also revealed was Ryse: Sons of Rome and an interesting game called Project Spark which allows gamers to basically construct their own world to explore. The zombie game Dead Rising 3 was also revealed. Furthermore, it was stated that the Xbox One will be released in November later this year.
Third party game publishers Ubisoft and EA also held conferences on the first day of E3 revealing their new line up of games. Some notable titles for EA included Fifa 14,Star Wars: Battlefront and Mirror Edge 2 while Ubisoft wowed the crowd with Watchdog, Assassin's Creed IV and Tom Clancy's The Division. All good stuff and will no doubt be good sellers when they hit the shelves.
In conclusion it would be safe to assume that Sony stole all the headlines on the first day of E3 2013. They certainly went after the hardcore gamers and seemingly got them on their side. As E3 continues it would be fascinating to see how things continue to play out. That's it for now and I hope you guys enjoyed the review. Don't forget to check out and participate in our rewards program for great prizes. Until next time.

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